shopcabin Licensing Program

Are you looking to manufacture and print your own creations with our designs? Through our shocabin licensing program you can use our designs to print your own fabric, wallpaper, or any other item you can imagine. We currently license our designs to several international retailers, makers, and manufacturers around the world.

Here is a little background info on our licensing program…

We work with a very limited number of partners, where we license the right to them to print our designs on different fabrics and products. Once we approve the partner, the designs are licensed non-exclusively, on an annual basis, for a particular category or group of categories (Say apparel and accessories, or baby bedding).

If this is something you are interested in, please tell us a little more about your shop and market, and also please let us know which design or designs you may be interested in and we can get back to you with more specific details regarding costs and terms for the particular design or designs.

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